NJ Transitions Medical Cannabis Stores Into Recreational to Keep Up With the Demand

Since the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in New Jersey, on April 21, 2022, the sales of cannabis have increased massively. In just the first month, the state reported more than $24 million in recreational cannabis sales! These sales were made at 13 medical cannabis stores; however, there has been […]

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Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card NJ

New laws have regulated the use of marijuana for recreational purposes in New Jersey on February 22, 2021 making it a weed friendly state. With the legalization of marijuana at all fronts, there has been a boost in the number of marijuana users in the state which has been a […]

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis Didn’t Work For Me- Now What?

Everybody raves about the benefits of medical cannabis and its therapeutic potential in improving the health of patients all across the country and the globe. But, even after being backed by scientific as well as anecdotal proof, it’s important to point out that cannabis may not work for everyone. It’s […]