The Best Cannabis Strains to Treat PTSD Symptoms

As more research is being conducted into the numerous therapeutic benefits of cannabis, the possibility of it working effectively for various disorders has become a reality. This is a newfound important detail that cannot be overlooked. Owing to such relevant studies and patient experiences, marijuana has been able to spin […]


Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card NJ

New laws have regulated the use of marijuana for recreational purposes in New Jersey on February 22, 2021 making it a weed friendly state. With the legalization of marijuana at all fronts, there has been a boost in the number of marijuana users in the state which has been a […]


AntiDepressants and Marijuana: All That you Need To Know

Cannabis is a great way to lift your mood if you go by anecdotal evidence. That is often the reasoning behind people using cannabis. There are of course a bunch of other things that cannabis helps provide but lack of long-term research is a glaring factor that does raise a […]