Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis Didn’t Work For Me- Now What?

Everybody raves about the benefits of medical cannabis and its therapeutic potential in improving the health of patients all across the country and the globe. But, even after being backed by scientific as well as anecdotal proof, it’s important to point out that cannabis may not work for everyone. It’s […]

Renew Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey

How to Renew a Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey?

A New Jersey medical marijuana card is valid up to one year from the date of issuance. Each patient is required to renew medical marijuana card before it expires. And every patient must do so under strict adherence to the state rules. However, getting a renewal can be a daunting […]

Responsible vs Reckless Use of Medical Cannabis

Responsible vs Reckless Use of Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is an aid for better health for people all across the world. Whether it’s a severe case of anxiety or mild body aches, a little bit of this green herb can be a savior for many. It has proven to provide symptomatic relief and continues to show its […]

420 evaluations doctor

How to Find the Best Doctor for 420 Evaluations Near Me?

Today, everyone is aware of the healing properties of marijuana. With every passing day, there’s more information about how marijuana helped heal people. Considering the rising popularity of marijuana as a medication, it makes sense that more patients are ready to use the herb for their medical conditions. But, how […]

Craft Cannabis

Craft Cannabis: Is It Worth the Hype?

The consumer today is becoming more aware with every passing day. Nowadays, there’s demand for vegan, GMO-free products and even organic produce because people are now realizing what’s best for them and what’s not. A similar shift can also be seen in the cannabis industry. Craft cannabis is rapidly becoming […]