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Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card NJ

New laws have regulated the use of marijuana for recreational purposes in New Jersey on February 22, 2021 making it a weed friendly state. With the legalization of marijuana at all fronts, there has been a boost in the number of marijuana users in the state which has been a natural and much predictable outcome of such recent cannabis laws. Why should then a patient apply for a NJ medical marijuana card? There are a lot of benefits of getting a medical marijuana card for any user, let us have a look at what they are.

Full Legal Protection

Despite the fact that New Jersey has passed the law that legalizes the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, this state has had a long history of being rather regressive when it comes to its marijuana laws. The medical marijuana card in New Jersey is always given to people with debilitating health conditions. Hence the patients can receive an MMJ card only after submitting a valid medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation and the application form on the medical marijuana registry site. This will give the patients full legal protection against any uncertainties that might prevail in case the volatile laws regarding marijuana usage are ever suddenly changed.

Better Deals at Medical Marijuana Only Dispensaries

The patients with a medical marijuana card NJ can legally access and even find better deals on medical marijuana only dispensaries throughout the state. Medical marijuana is sold in dispensaries in quarter-ounce denominations but with the card a person can buy the maximum amount allowed under the state law and also avail for the discount offers. This is drastically different from the limited options that any recreational user would have in the state of New Jersey. There is also a major difference in the way of presence of a knowledgeable retailer that would always be present at an MMJ dispensary to guide the patients but would be absent from the recreational marijuana outlets.

Unlimited Access to Medical Marijuana Program Benefits

As per the NJ Medical Marijuana Program, people suffering from severe health conditions and symptoms can get their medical marijuana card immediately after they apply for it and can then enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Without any need for a prescription, they can walk into any medical dispensary and buy the amount of marijuana required for administering the right dosage needed to treat their health issue. This makes the whole process a lot easier and helps save a lot of money and effort for the patients.

Lower Age Restrictions

With the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, the age to engage in the consumption of recreational cannabis has been prescribed for a person who is 21 years of age or older. Whereas for an MMJ card holder the age for legal use of medical marijuana is 18 and older. Also for patients under 18, there is the provision of a caregiver or two who can apply for the medical marijuana card for the underage patient. This is a significant step in the way of incorporating marijuana for the right treatment of some serious health conditions like epilepsy, cancer, extreme anxiety and such.

Tax Reduction Benefits

The most pronounced and obvious benefit for people who apply for an MMJ card is in the way of tax reductions or lower overall costs of medical marijuana products. If the patient does not possess a state-licensed MMJ card then it becomes an issue of major concern for them as patients require a perpetual supply of marijuana for the recovery or treatment of their health issue.

The taxes that are levied on the recreational use products is super high and in the long term quite financially draining. In addition to this, it is predicted that in the coming few years, the taxes being exercised on medical marijuana patients will be completely eliminated. Hence, it is always best for a patient to apply for a medical marijuana card NJ.

More Purchase and Possession Limits with Medical Marijuana Card NJ

A normal adult can possess up to 6 ounces of cannabis legally but the purchasing limit is only 1 ounce for recreational users. Whereas for medical marijuana patients the possession limit is 3 ounces (85 grams) in a 30-day period. Also, if patients are terminally ill or in hospital care then there are cases where they do not even have a monthly limit.

Laws are always stricter for a recreational user as they don’t “need” to partake in the consumption of marijuana but they do so to relax and enjoy a peaceful time. This is completely different for a patient as they need marijuana to alleviate their pains and symptoms. Hence, the amount of consumption differs for a normal user and a patient in New Jersey as a patient can legally buy and possess more marijuana than a normal recreational user.

New Jersey patients and caregivers or any recreational users are not allowed to cultivate cannabis plants at home, yet.

Access to Stronger Potency Products

Patients with a proper medical marijuana card in possession will always have access to stronger and more potent products through the state-licensed dispensaries as they are treating some severe issues inside their bodies. There is a specified list of qualifying health conditions for which patients can get an MMJ card and use these potent products as per requirement. These products with a higher potency are also generally present in medical marijuana only dispensaries which are anyways out of reach for a recreational user.


This list of benefits clearly highlights the provisions that an MMJ card holder can enjoy in New Jersey. Once a patient gets an MMJ card, they can keep renewing it to extend the life of their card and enjoy the benefits for a longer time.