Cannabis laws

What to Do After Obtaining a New Jersey MMJ Card?

Several people rely on medical marijuana to manage their physical and mental health conditions. However, it is not legalized everywhere and even possession of recreational cannabis could land you in trouble with the authorities in some U.S. states. New Jersey has become the latest addition to the list of states […]

NJ MMJ card

Using Marijuana For the First Time? Remember These 5 Tips

Anything new can be intimidating, especially if it’s a plant you want to consume, that not too long ago, was nothing but an illegal drug. But today, marijuana is viewed as much more than something to get high on. Unlike other schedule 1 drugs that are still strictly prohibited for […]

Can Medical Marijuana Help With OCD Symptoms

Medical Marijuana for OCD: Does It Work?

One thing that distinguishes marijuana from all traditional forms of medical therapy is the way it positively affects the body of the individual. It is a natural form of medication that has zero to almost none of the side effects that are inevitable with the preexisting drugs that a patient […]

Medical Marijuana New Jersey

All FAQs About Medical Marijuana in NJ Answered

In the past few years, there has been a remarkable shift in the way that the consumption of marijuana for medical purposes is looked at by people. This shift in mentality reflects a healthy mindset that took a long while to develop for people. However, now that it has developed, […]

Medical Marijuana for Social Anxiety Disorder

Medical Marijuana for Social Anxiety Disorder: Is it Good or Bad?

Medical marijuana, a trending herbal drug, that actually works, has garnered a dedicated following in the healthcare industry. Thanks to marijuana’s therapeutic properties, it has proven to help manage an assortment of medical conditions ranging from chronic pain, inflammation, cancer to social anxiety. Though cannabis and its relationship with anxiety […]