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Mastering Cannabis Rehydration: 6 Effective Tips and Techniques

The best cannabis flower requires a certain amount of moisture to grow ideally. The taste or aroma of a good bud may be lacking due to excessive dried marijuana or brick weed, while the flower may be too moist to be susceptible to mold and pathogens.

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This blog discusses how to rehydrate cannabis for an optimal experience.

Understanding the Importance of Rehydrating Cannabis

Cannabis plants are fresh; they have a lot of moisture after harvesting. To dry up this wet weed, marijuana growers can follow various methods to cure and dry cannabis flowers.

It is the most common method of drying cannabis flowers by hanging harvested and cut branches upside down within a dark, enclosed, well-ventilated environment between 60 F to 70 F or 45% to 55% humidity for 5 to 14 days. This method ensures that flowers are appropriately dried, preventing the unpleasant aroma and flavor.

When drying cannabis, plant starches transform into “Reducing sugars,” which break down into water and carbon dioxide. Alongside these starches, chlorophyll is an element that contributes to the plant’s green hue. Likewise, it decomposes during the drying process. Cannabis flowers are often used to clear the residual unwanted chlorophyll and built-up salts. The curing process helps to desiccate the marijuana flowers further, allowing expanded storage durations without the imminent threat of mold growth.

Hence, what prompts the desire or necessity to rehydrate cannabis? Many terpenes may be lost from cannabis flowers that become too dry, which can reduce their aroma and flavor. The delicate terpenes within the trichomes on these plants can be preserved when your cannabis flower retains perfect moisture. The smell and taste of cannabis flowers with a good moisture content should be more pleasant and not harsh when inhaled.

It may be time to rehydrate your weed if it is dry, lacks flavor, smells musty, or irritates the throat when inhaled. The inner moisture content of cannabis flowers should be between 8% and 11%.

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The Art of Properly Rehydrating Cannabis

Do you like to breathe fresh life into one of those old buds you found? We’ve got a few tips you can use to avoid overwatering your weed, which is too dry.

  1. Shield from light and air exposure

Exposure to light and oxygen increases the drying time of your cannabis flower. Make sure to store the weed in a sealed and UV-protected glass bottle when it is rehydrating. This will not only help keep weed from drying out, but it’ll also slow down the degradation of cannabinoids.

  1. Use a humidity packet

You must add a humidity pack from companies like Boveda, which will help stabilize the weed and stop it from drying out. These moisture packs are used to maintain the optimum humidity level of your cannabis flower. In order to preserve the moisture content, it can be stored with cannabis flower for a longer period.

  1. Utilize a moistened paper towel or cotton ball

Put your dry flowers in the container with a few drops of wet cotton balls or damp paper towels and let them hang out for several hours, up to two full days at most. To reduce the risk of mold growth, ensure that cotton balls or paper towels do not have a high moisture content. If your flower reaches a desired hydration level, wipe off cotton balls or paper towels.

  1. The Fruit Peel Technique

This technique, which generally involves citrus fruit peels such as oranges and limes, is a popular method for the rehydrating of weed. Bananas and apple peels can be used as well. All you’ll need to do is place the fruit peel in a glass container with your buds!

In addition to the other methods, you should always be careful about your flowers when this method is used and use fruit peels only over a short period, typically at least 5 hours and no more than two days, in order to prevent mold formation.

  1. Introduce lettuce to your cannabis stash

Lettuce holds up to 95% water, which makes it ideal for counting to your jar of dried-out weed. To rehydrate the weed, rather than affecting its smell as much as a fruit peel method, you may place some iceberg lettuce in an identical container to your dry flower. Remove lettuce as soon as your flower reaches the moisture level you want.

  1. Incorporate newly harvested cannabis

It may help to refresh overly dried cannabis flowers by having some bud with good moisture content. Place the fresh buds with your dried-out reserve and check back in a day or so. Compared to the fruit peel method, this method may help retain the same desirable aroma of cannabis.

Final Words! 

Optimal dampness levels in marijuana enhance aroma, flavor, combustion, and overall experience. We advise that you store your weed correctly for it to remain fresh. Keeping cannabis in the right states can prevent your flower from losing potency and flavor, drying out, and growing mold.

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