How to Renew a Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey

How to Renew a Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey?

A medical marijuana card in New Jersey is valid up to one year from the date of issuance.

Each patient is required to renew a medical marijuana card before it expires.

And every patient must do so under strict adherence to the state rules.

However, getting a renewal can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to go about the process.

As a result, you will often find yourself pondering over questions like:

  • How can I continue using medical marijuana after the card expires?
  • What is the procedure to continue using cannabis when the expiration date nears?
  • Is it similar to the process of getting a new medical marijuana card?
  • Are there registered doctors involved?
  • Do I have to get an evaluation again?

So on and so forth.

In this post, we will help you find an answer to all questions you have in mind regarding medical marijuana card renewal.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

If you live in New Jersey, there are a set of rules you need to keep in mind before you apply for renewal.

In fact, each medical marijuana patient must keep these rules in mind to ensure a smooth renewal process.

You can renew your medical marijuana card by filling out this form:

    So, before we explain the process to you, here are some things you need to know as a New Jersey medical marijuana patient.

    First and foremost, you need to keep in mind that New Jersey recently legalized recreational marijuana, but the sales have still not begun.

    This also means that you will still be required to get a medical marijuana card through the state patient registry.

    Unlike California or Colorado, you cannot purchase marijuana simply using a state-issued ID card.

    Plus, the current laws also state that only patients with a qualifying condition are allowed to purchase medicinal marijuana products with the help of an MMJ card.

    Rest assured, until the new rules do not come into effect, make sure that you keep the aforementioned guidelines in mind to stay out of trouble.

    Lets take a look at the process of getting a MMJ card renewal step by step.

    How to Get Medical Marijuana Card Renewal in NJ

    Step 1 – Fill Out an Application Form Online

    The process of getting a renewal begins with an online doctor’s evaluation.

    Just like the first time, this time, too, you will be required to get a recommendation from a doctor registered under the state program.

    And to make the process easier, simple, and convenient, a few online services can help you get your recommendation easily.

    All you have to do is fill out a form through a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform and wait in a virtual room until the doctor arrives for evaluation.

    The form requires you to input information such as your name, address, residency proof in the form of a driver’s license no., etc.

    Step 2 – Get Evaluated

    The next step is to receive a face-to-face online consultation from a doctor registered under the New Jersey medical marijuana program.

    Online medical cards can help you connect with licensed and registered doctors.

    It is an online platform working with doctors and other medical staff licensed to provide medical marijuana evaluations.

    In other words, you can visit the website and fill out an application form to receive online evaluations.

    In addition to this, during the evaluation, you will be required to answer certain questions regarding your health honestly.

    You can also ask questions and submit a medical history for a proper evaluation process.

    Rest assured, the doctor will access your medical condition thoroughly and determine whether you qualify for medical marijuana use or not.

    Step 3 – Receive Your Recommendation

    Upon qualification, you will receive a recommendation via email.

    The recommendation is signed and stamped by the doctor.

    It also consists of the physician’s license no. and other details like the date of issuance and expiration.

    Most importantly, you can use the recommendation to register under the state program.

    Step 4 – Register Under the State Patient Registry

    After you get your recommendation from a doctor (registered under the state program), you have to visit the NJMCP website.
    The website has several options, including patient renewal and new patients.

    Moreover, during registration, you will be required to fill out a form, provide some basic details, and submit important documents such as:

    • Proof of residency (driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID card, or utility bills)
    • Passport size photographs against a white background.
    • The doctor’s approved recommendation.

    If you fulfill all the conditions and fill in the important details carefully, you will get an email regarding the payment information.

    You have to pay the registration fee and submit the application form.

    Soon after submission, respective authorities will access your application.

    If there’s no problem with the application, you will receive your renewed medical marijuana card within 3-4 weeks.

    However, if a problem persists you will be asked to fill the application again.

    Which, in turn, can be quite daunting and tedious.

    So, make sure that you fill the form carefully and submit all the documents as per the given guidelines.

    Final Thoughts on How to Renew a Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey?

    Medical marijuana has helped a lot of people alleviate excruciating pain and different symptoms.

    Be it Charlotte Figi, who used CBD for epileptic seizures.

    Or else, patients who use medical marijuana to alleviate inflammation and joint pain.

    Overall, medical marijuana is clearly a winner and the newest therapeutic alternative on the block.

    So, make sure that whenever you get medical marijuana, you keep all the rules in mind.

    More importantly, don’t forget to get an NJ MMJ card or renew old one to access medical marijuana in New Jersey.