What to Do If Medical Cannabis Doesn’t Work For You

Medical Cannabis Didn’t Work For Me- Now What?

Everybody raves about the benefits of medical cannabis and its therapeutic potential in improving the health of patients all across the country and the globe. But, even after being backed by scientific as well as anecdotal proof, it’s important to point out that cannabis may not work for everyone.

It’s not easy even for your MMJ Doctor in New Jersey to predict whether or not the herb will work for you or not. It’s only after using it for a few days that you can definitively tell its effectiveness.

Are you one of the few people who couldn’t find relief in the natural herb? Don’t worry. Before you decide to completely discredit the medical potential of cannabis, try to understand the reason and work on it.


Beginners must remember that dosing medical cannabis properly for your body’s needs is very important. If you had a consultation with an MMJ doctor in New Jersey, you may already be aware of the importance of micro-dosing.

The process is all about starting with the lowest dose and increasing the amount slowly after closely observing the effects. Now, one of the many results of micro dosing of cannabis can be ineffectiveness.

Since your body isn’t familiar with the herb and its effects on body functions, a small dose can often cause little to no effects. In technical terms, this is called the first-pass metabolism or effect. It can be caused by the low bioavailability of the cannabinoids and as a result, it is highly metabolized before it is able to cause any significant impact on the body. It’s commonly observed among people who use edibles.


In such a case, try slowly increasing the amount you consume and wait for the effects to turn up. It’s basically a process of building up cannabis in your system. It may take a few days to figure everything out. So, be patient and consistent.

Delivery Method

There are dozens of different delivery methods that can be used to administer medical cannabis. However, making the right choice is very important.

Every patient has different expectations from cannabis and the different methods of administration can be a major factor in actualizing the expectations for the patient. For instance, if you are in need of quick effects, you would need a method with a fast onset such as vapes and sublingual methods.

Likewise, whichever method you choose, you must be able to do it properly. Sometimes, employing the wrong technique can be the reason behind cannabis not working for you.


The obvious solution here would be to move on to a different method. Try edibles, patches, topicals or even vapes if you can. Remember to consult your doctor beforehand.

Secondly, make sure that you are not following the wrong technique. Whether it is the right inhaling technique or the time it takes for edibles to kick in, you must be familiar with the proper way to use a method.

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The quality of the product you use can greatly influence the type of effects or in this case, the ineffectiveness of medical cannabis.

Cannabis is not FDA regulated so it is very easy for illegal sources to sell cannabis products with false claims. You need to make sure to avoid such sellers. Using low-quality cannabis that is not tested can cause harm to the body. Additionally, these products do not have the necessary amount of THC or other essential cannabinoids to meet your medical requirements and this lack can be the reason behind cannabis not working for you.


Always buy your cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries. They maintain the standard of quality and ensure that each product meets the claims on the labels. So, you can easily find a product of a specific cannabinoid concentration to experience the necessary effects.

Additionally, these dispensaries only carry products that are third-party tested to ensure the safety of the consumers.

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Cannabis Tolerance

The ineffectiveness of cannabis can also stand true for long time consumers. In this case, the culprit can be your body’s tolerance build-up.

After regular use of cannabis, the body starts building up tolerance against cannabinoids. This is called cannabis tolerance. This build-up may show up as the ineffectiveness of cannabis and you may have to go for higher doses or stronger strains to get the desired effect.


The solution, in this case, would be to reverse the tolerance. There are several effective methods that can help you do it.

You can begin with slowly lowering your doses or shifting to high CBD strains. And if nothing works, you might have to take a difficult path which is a tolerance break. It means total abstinence from cannabis for a few days until the tolerance level gets back to normal.

Get Professional Guidance From MMJ Doctor in New Jersey

If you are not aware of the reason why cannabis may not be working for you or where to begin, your best option is to connect with a professional. An MMJ doctor is experienced and well-versed with the use of marijuana for medical reasons. They can help you understand why the herb may not be working for you and the right ways to get the best results.

Now you know what to do when cannabis doesn’t seem to be working for you. Make use of these points to figure out the best way to use the medicinal properties of cannabis.