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The Best Cannabis Strains to Treat PTSD Symptoms

As more research is being conducted into the numerous therapeutic benefits of cannabis, the possibility of it working effectively for various disorders has become a reality. This is a newfound important detail that cannot be overlooked. Owing to such relevant studies and patient experiences, marijuana has been able to spin the medical industry off its axis.

For the same reason, medical marijuana doctors NJ has been continuously experimenting with some cannabis strains to help patients of PTSD. Here is an important blog that tells how exactly cannabis treats PTSD and what are some of the important strains that a patient can make use of.

PTSD and Cannabis

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder that afflicts people who have either experienced or witnessed some horrifying event in the past. Most often than not, such patients have to relive the terrible past event via recurrent nightmares or memory overloads. This causes a great amount of grief or mental anguish for the patient. The common symptoms of this disorder which get triggered from time to time are listed down below.

  • Recurrent flashbacks or nightmares of the traumatic event.
  • Avoidance of the reminders of the event, the feeling of emotional numbness and sometimes undergoing extreme mood swings.
  • Insomnia due to recurrent nightmares, feeling of insecurity as well as angry outbursts.

These symptoms of PTSD affect the mental state of the patient to such an extent that the adversity can’t even be accurately measured. If you are a patient suffering from mental disturbance and the overwhelming feeling of nausea, aggression or irritation affects you deeply, using certain cannabis strains can actually help you out.

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As per research, cannabis is a potential solution for PTSD. It is just a matter of using the right amount and right type of cannabis strain for the patient to get rid of all the symptoms of PTSD.

Best Cannabis Strains for the Treatment of PTSD

We have already shared a list of cannabis strains for the treatment of pain. Apparently, there are many cannabis strains that can help in the treatment of different disorders. To then treat symptoms of PTSD, the following strains can be used by the patients.

Pineapple Express

Leading the list, pineapple express is an important strain that is predominantly Sativa. This strain is supposed to be quite energetic possibly due to its slightly higher THC content. The consumption of this strain must be done under expert supervision as it can sometimes result in high fluctuations in the anxiety that strikes a PTSD patient.

Good for you to consume in low to moderate amounts during the day, you must always consult your regular medical marijuana doctor to ensure that the consumption benefits you and causes minimal side effects.

Blue Dream

The most well-known strain that is quite beneficial for a PTSD patient is a blue dream. This specific strain is the most perfect hybrid that relaxes the user completely. All the anxiousness passes away as the cerebral activity gets reduced to a minimum. Since this strain can handle a lot of symptoms of nausea and depression and has a high content of THC which is not “that high”, this is the perfect strain for PTSD patients.

Since the aroma and taste of the strain are quite fruity and yummy, it is a favorite of many.

Miss USA

An Indica dominant strain, Miss USA is super special for patients of PTSD. They can use it to relax and soothe any triggering symptoms that have been troubling them. The direct effects make it easy for the patient to think in a balanced and clear-headed way. The upset moods or the intense mood swings that a PTSD patient often suffers from can also be controlled with the rightful consumption of this strain.

The taste, aroma, and colorful appearance of this strain are quite attractive which makes it popular among the patients.

Purple Pie

Purple Pie is a Sativa dominant strain featuring the important myrcene terpene. It is important for PTSD patients as it works wonderfully to treat insomnia. The peace that the patients require for a good night’s sleep, this strain can provide that adequately. It also works to stimulate the appetite of the patients.

It is best consumed during the day due to its high THC concentration which is about 23%. The recognizable characteristics of this strain are the bright color and pleasant aroma. The flowers of this strain are also especially stunning.


Pennywise is a CBD-rich strain that extends the medicinal benefits of this cannabinoid to the patients who consume this strain. A successful hybrid of Harlequin female and a Jack the Ripper male, the strain has been named after the famous antagonist of the Stephen King novel, IT.

The consumption of this strain enhances the focus of the user and also uplifts the mood. This makes it quite a useful strain for patients of PTSD.


Another potent CBD dominant strain is ACDC. Created as a hybrid of the two important strains, Ruderalis and Cannatonic, ACDC is truly worthwhile for patients of PTSD. With the levels of THC as low as 0-6%, there are almost none of the psychoactive effects which is a huge plus for this strain. The positive feelings of euphoria and happiness are the direct result of the consumption of this strain at any given time.

Due to its high CBD content, it also improves the symptoms of many other disorders like epilepsy, pain or anxiety. So if a patient is suffering from any one of these disorders, they can also make use of this strain.

Final Thoughts

We have shared all the relevant information regarding the treatment of PTSD with the help of certain cannabis strains. It is advisable for the patients to consult a valid health professional before using any of these strains for their PTSD symptoms. It isn’t a matter of suggestion but a rather enforced plea on our part so that the patients understand the seriousness of the situation.

Best believe if you find the most suitable cannabis strain to manage your PTSD symptoms, it will be the most welcome relief you’ll ever experience. So good luck!

Disclaimer:- The information in this article is for educational purposes only. This information is neither a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional legal advice or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns consult with a physician.