Use of Medical Cannabis

Responsible vs Reckless Use of Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is an aid for better health for people all across the world. Whether it’s a severe case of anxiety or mild body aches, a little bit of this green herb can be a savior for many. It has proven to provide symptomatic relief and continues to show its medical potential to the world which is why medical marijuana doctors in New Jersey and other states of the US do not hesitate to recommend cannabis to medical patients. which helps them to obtain a medical marijuana card online.

However, when it comes to using medical cannabis, the efficacy is not so much dependent on ‘if’ you use it or not but on ‘how’ you use it. The same is more accurately described as responsible and reckless use.

When you are using cannabis for medical purposes or even generally, it’s very important to identify whether your methods of use lie on the responsible or the reckless side. Because it is only when you are responsible for the way you use it that the herb can fully help you get better.

So, let’s dive into the difference between the two.

Reckless: Mixing Cannabis With Alcohol

Cannabis and alcohol are not the best combinations. In fact, it can turn out to be harmful to the body especially when you are dealing with a medical condition.

There are many things that can go wrong with combining the two. First, both the components can react and lead to an intolerable high. Your cognitive function can take a toll and you may not be able to handle yourself. In most cases, using alcohol and cannabis together increases THC levels in the body and thus produces strong sedative effects.

Second, you can end up with alcohol poisoning. Generally, the body reacts to excess alcohol levels with puking. However, cannabis can be antiemetic. So, alcohol poisoning can be the worst-case scenario.

Just like alcohol, it’s not the best idea to mix cannabis with other medications without prior professional guidance.

Reckless: Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of cannabis is an offense just as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Cannabis contains a number of cannabinoids and one of them is the infamous Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This cannabinoid is psychoactive as well as intoxicating. While consuming it in small amounts is beneficial for the body, even the slightest increase of THC levels in your body can lead you to feel high and not in control of your body and mind.

It impairs the cognitive function and other important functions of the body that are required by you to stay alert. For this reason, driving, operating any heavy machinery or indulging in any activity that requires alertness must be refrained from after consuming cannabis as you not only risk your safety but also of others.

Reckless: Not Consulting a Professional

There are a lot of aspects of cannabis that may not be accessible to an average person. This is why it is essential that every person who is considering using cannabis for medical purposes consult a certified doctor.

You may have heard that cannabis is good for anxiety. But did you know that if not used correctly, it can even worsen your anxiety? That’s right! This is why, whenever you decide on using medical cannabis, you need to begin by visiting certified medical marijuana doctors in New Jersey and get a recommendation.

Additionally, you need to get in touch with a professional budtender or seller who can help you find the best product for your medical condition or as recommended by the doctor. Since there are different strains and types, it is only a professional with complete knowledge of the same who can guide you through it all.

Responsible: Microdosing

Unlike other pharmaceuticals in the medical industry, there is no ‘one size fits all, more specifically, ‘one dose fits all’ in the case of cannabis.

Cannabis works according to individual characteristics and body needs. For this reason, the required dosage also varies from person to person and condition to condition.

For instance, in the case of chronic pain, the recommended dose may be high to accomplish observable effects. As for anxiety, a high dose may do more harm than good.

To make sure that you use the right dose for yourself, it is essential to learn to microdose. It requires you to start with the lowest dose and then slowly increase the amount according to your needs. This process is called micro-dosing and is one of the most important steps of using medical cannabis.

Responsible: Being Considerable to Others

One point to remember when indulging in cannabis for medical or recreational reasons is that not everyone is comfortable with the herb. You need to consider the comfort of others when consuming cannabis.

For instance, if you are smoking the herb, make sure there’s no one around you who is uncomfortable with the smoke. Also, cannabis smoke can cause contact high in certain cases so you need to be mindful of the same.

In addition to this, ensure that your use of cannabis is not risking the safety of others. As discussed, avoid operating heavy machinery. The best option is to always use cannabis in your private space.

Responsible: Ensuring Proper Storage

Have you seen cannabis edibles such as gummies, chocolates, lollipops, etc? If you put them in front of someone with no knowledge of cannabis, they might seem like regular candy or edibles to them.

For this reason, it’s important to store your medication out of reach of anyone. If you share a living space with pets or children, proper storage is a priority. Store it in a locked cupboard and never leave them lying around without supervision.

So, now that you are aware of responsible and reckless cannabis behavior, make sure that you stay on the responsible side and inform others of the same.