Craft Cannabis Is It Worth the Hype

Craft Cannabis: Is It Worth the Hype?

The consumer today is becoming more aware with every passing day. Nowadays, there’s demand for vegan, GMO-free products and even organic produce because people are now realizing what’s best for them and what’s not.

A similar shift can also be seen in the cannabis industry. Craft cannabis is rapidly becoming a rising trend in marijuana. More consumers, especially patients with a NJ medical marijuana card who need good quality cannabis for their medical conditions, are preferring craft cannabis over other products. But, why is that? Is this shift to craft cannabis worth it?

Well, you can find the answer to this question here. We’ll discuss the pros and cons and other details of craft cannabis to give you an insight into this trend and help you decide if it’s worth the hype or not.

What is Craft Cannabis?

Craft cannabis is, as the name suggests, carefully crafted cannabis.

Ever since the cannabis industry boomed, the demand for the herb increased which also called for higher production of the same. As a result, there’s no lack of cultivators that grow and harvest cannabis on a large scale.

On the contrary, lies the cultivators of craft cannabis. They are more interested in harvesting strains with exceptional quality. They generally work on a small batch of cannabis plants and practice very unique and precise ways to have a result that’s way better than the large-scale producers.

Only extremely experienced cultivators with experience in growing cannabis take on the task of growing craft cannabis. They combine their own unique tricks developed over the years with the traditional methods to deliver crafted cannabis.

The primary focus is generally in delivering a special strain with enhanced flavors, aroma and a combination of the best terpenes and cannabinoids.

So, craft cannabis can be best defined as one that promises quality and variety. These two characteristics are the primary reasons behind its hype.

Preference to Quality Over Quantity

For the purpose of maintaining the quality, most craft cannabis cultivation takes place on a small scale. The size of the harvest plays an important role because it allows the cultivators to pay more attention to each plant and ensure a harvest that’s as refined as it can be. After all, high quality is one of the primary characteristics of craft cannabis.

Cultivators exhibit their passion by taking huge pains and employ methods to deliver a harvest that’s not less than a top-shelf quality product.

Small scales allow cultivators to monitor each plant carefully to ensure that every single bud meets its standards. The careful handpicking and trimming of the plants contribute to the quality of the cannabis and also sets it aside from the mass-produced cannabis. Each flower is trimmed, cured, and dried by hand. This exceptional amount of effort is the reason why the quality of craft cannabis is the best in the market.

Offers Variety

The most painstaking part of craft cannabis is the search of the perfect strain. As we’ve discussed already, craft cannabis cultivators are focused on delivering a strain that is unparalleled in terms of flavor, aroma and its chemical compounds. And in order to turn this into reality, a huge amount of dedication is required to find a strain that meets the standards.

In most cases, they have to get into the chemistry of different cannabis strains to pick and choose only the positive aspects of each and combine it into a new strain.

After crossing this obstacle, the next challenge is to maintain the right conditions for the plant for it to have a high yield. That is the only way for craft cannabis cultivators to reap the benefits of their hard work from a small scale of plants.

Ultimately, these cultivators are able to deliver fresh and different varieties of cannabis strains that exhibit pungent aromas and exceptional flavors. Since the strains are carefully picked, you can be sure that the combination of cannabinoids, terpenes and other components will be the best in its category.

Is Craft Cannabis a Luxury?

Considering the amount of effort that goes into harvesting a batch of craft cannabis, it must not come as a surprise that it is generally priced higher than mass-produced cannabis. So, if you visit a dispensary for craft cannabis, you would have to pay some extra dollars for the product.

Many people also compare craft cannabis to craft beer and craft wine because of their slightly different approach of production. Combine it with the high price and you’ll understand why craft cannabis is often seen as a luxury in the cannabis world.

However, craft cannabis also paves way for a different approach which makes it a revolutionary part of the cannabis industry.

Due to the comparison of craft cannabis with craft beer and wine, many believe that it can help eliminate the ‘stoner’ stigma associated with cannabis with its refined nature.

It’s essentially the same herb with the same psychoactive components, however, rebranding it as ‘craft cannabis’ emphasizes on the different cultivation process that delivers a better and somewhat different experience.

As a result, the negative and judgmental approach of people in matters related to cannabis might change.

So, what do you think, does craft cannabis deserve the hype it’s receiving? You have all the information you need. Take time to think and share your views.