Not For Emergencies

I understand that I should never use MD Ganja for psychiatric or medical emergencies. I understand that in case of an emergency I should call 911 or reach out to an emergency department.

Duty of Care

I understand that the medical health professional will take responsibility for my healthcare after I create an account, answer all the required questions, provide any required photos, and make payment. Also after the health professional has subsequently reviewed my application, reviewed all my information, and determined that I am a good candidate for telehealth services. I understand that if I have any questions or concerns regarding my care that aren’t urgent, I can message and reach out to the medical health professional through the website. I understand that the medical health professional may not review or respond to the messages until the next business day.

Importance of Reading All The Information We Provide

I understand that MD Ganja will provide necessary information on their website to help me make a decision about whether to avail a treatment plan. I understand that the medical health professional will help me understand the treatment and decide whether its benefits outweigh the risks.

Risk of Our Treatment Plan

I understand that all the medicines that the medical health professional recommends can cause serious side effects and may result in adverse events including permanent disability and severe allergic reaction. I understand that it is my responsibility to make a decision whether to accept a treatment plan that the doctor suggests after calculating the risks and benefits.

Electronic Health Information Risk

I understand that even though MD Ganja implements several physical, administrative and technical safeguards to ensure the safety and security of my health information in compliance with the HIPAA guidelines, MD Ganja cannot guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of my health information.

For further information, see our Privacy Policy.